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A homeowner's association can play many different rolls in a community. Those rolls depend on the covenants, codes, and restrictions that govern it. As your HOA management company, Encore Properties can oversee many aspects of the community, but is best utilized when tailored specifically to your community needs.  Our goal is to work directly with the home owners and the board to maintain a community that everyone can be proud to be a part of.  We see our roll as your HOA management company as the behind the scenes services provider that allows an HOA board to focus on day to day operations of their community.  

Financial Services

  • Collection of assessments

  • Monthly financial reporting

  • Payments accepted by variety of convenient methods

  • Review, approve, and pay association bills and invoices

  • Assistance retained counsel in any required legal action to enforce dues

  • Assistance in preparation of HOA tax returns

  • Completing realtor and lender information forms

  • Sending introductory letter to new owners

  • Maintaining current list of all community owners

  • Assistance with Board correspondence

  • Bank account reconciliation

Full Service HOA Management

All services in Finacial Management PLUS the following:

  • Receiving and processing service inquiries for repairs and maintenance

  • Regular site inspections

  • Assist in obtaining contractor bids

  • Contract negotiation

  • 24 hour emergency service line

  • Community website

  • Screening architectural change applications

  • And Much More!

Inspections & Violations

  • Monthly drive through site inspections with photos

  • Online violation reporting portal for Board Members

  • Mail out and email violation notices to homeowners

  • Collection of fines

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